Friday, August 5, 2011

Mystique Reptile

This is one of those looks that you do when you are short on time but you really want something bright & poppin'. What happened here is I was supposed to be meeting friends somewhere....I over slept and was awaken to a phone call asking if I was on the way?! LOL.....
you know how the rest of that story goes....

Now on to the makeup........

Products Used:

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #20
Inglot Gel Liner #85
Magnolia Makeup Pigment Mystique
Magnolia Makeup Pigment Reptile
Magnolia Makeup Pigment Puddin'
MAC False Lash Mascara

Brows: Inglot Brow Pencil #503

Prime the entire eye area with Two Faced Shadow Insurance.  Starting on the lower lid and working your way up, apply the Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #20 using a MAC 242 Brush. Blend this product up to just past your crease area. Be sure that the color fades up inot the crease, you don't want to see any harsh lines (even though we are just starting). Next using a MAC 239 Brush pat Magnolia Makeup Pigment -Mystique, and fade it up through the crease as well.

For the crease take a MAC 217 brush and apply Magnolia Makeup Pigment- Puddin', to your crease using a back and forth, windshield wiper motion. This will help create a gradient effect in your crease as you blend the color upward to just below your browbone area. For a more fair skintone try using a color like MAC's Quarry eyeshadow, or whatever color face powder you may use.

To finish the look off apply Inglot Gel Liner #85, to the lower lash line, & the lower lash wet line using a MAC 266 Brush. Using a MAC 219 Brush take the Magnolia Makeup Pigment -Reptile, and brush it over the top of the lower liner and wrap it around the inner corner of the eye fading it into the blue. Finish with Mascara and you're done!

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