Tuesday, July 19, 2011


As a MU Professional I often buy things that I like in multiples. One for my personal use, one for my kit, and then back ups just in case I run out. I was going through my makeup collections, as I do every couple of months, and I have come across quite a few items that have never been used, or that are gently used (and by gently I mean once or twice). I also found items that discontinued so I purchased more so that I wouldn't run out. The reality of the situation is, I would NEVER run out because there is no way that I could go through that much product....ever. Not to mention that I am running out of storage space! With all of that being said, I am selling these new in box, or new out of box, or gently used gems at a steal of a price, in hopes of finding them a new home, where they may actually see the light of day.

BEFORE we get to the goodies, I must go over some things first! So let's begin.......

You MUST be at least 18 years of age or older to purchase any of the listed items. 

Payments are to be made by PayPal only, including fees. 

US Shipping ONLY: $5.00 for shipping 1 to 4 items, $8.00 for shipping 5-9 items, $10.00 for shipping 10 or more items.


Once a request is received an invoice for the total cost PLUS shipping will be sent to the email address that is provided. The requested items will be placed on HOLD at that time. 

Invoice MUST be paid within 24 hours or the item(s) will be taken OFF of HOLD. 
Once payment is received the item(s) will be shipped within 1-2 business days and a confirmation email will be sent to the provided email address. 

See pictures and names of the items below. Please include any further questions in an email with Makeup Sale in the subject field. 

Send all request emails to makeupafterdark@hotmail.com with MU SUPER Sale in the subject field. Please include items being requested, shipping address and PayPal email address for invoice in the body of the email. I will respond with 24-48 hours.

Again items will be sold on a first come, first serve basis & because of the extremely low prices all items are FINAL SALE. (no returns/exchanges) =)

Happy Shopping!



Mi'Lady Mineralize eyeshadow (shimmering violet + shimmering red)
Pearl Matte Eyeshadow (Tri color) (soft chartreuse, bubblegum pink, soft white)


 NIB - MAC PIGMENTS: Cornflower, (top row) Magenta Madness, Rock-It Yellow, Naked, Red Electric, Deep Blue Green (Hello Kitty Collection); (bottom row) Full Force Violet, Green Space, MILK-( Hello Kitty Collection ), Naked, Neo-Orange
Silver Glitter (New- no box), Air-de-blu (New-no box)


MAC Eye Shadows- NEW IN BOX- NIB
Colors marked with an * are no longer available, they are discontinued!
Top Row, Left to right:

Row 2
Chrome Yellow
Canary Yellow
All That Glitters

Row 3
Velvet Moss*
Casa Blanca*
Purple Shower*
Springtime Skipper* (Barbie Loves MAC Collection)*

Row 4
Au Contraire*
Beauty Burst* (Barbie Loves MAC Collection)*

Row 5
Bang on Blue*
Creme de Violet
Burnt Orange
Poison Pen*


MAC Pro Palette Refills (all NIB)

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Melton Mauve*
Crystal Avalanche

Row 2
Chrome Yellow
Beautiful Iris
Satellite Dreams

Row 3
Chrome Yellow
Seedy Pearl

Row 4
Samoa Silk*


MAC Pro Palette Refills (NIB)- Stars n Rockets, Stars n Rockets


MAC Glitter Eye Liner

Left To Right:

Blitzed*, New, no box
Her Glitz*- New, no box
Divine Lime*- New, no box
Glitterpuss*- New, no box
Glamourgold*- Gently Used, 3 times (using proper sampling procedures: product was place on a separate palette and applied using a disposable eyeliner wand)


Left to Right:
MAC Lush n Lilac Cremestick Lip Liner* -NIB
MAC Light As Air Power Point Eye Pencil* -NIB
MAC Prolongwear Lipstain - Runway Ripened* -NIB
MAC Smolder Eye Kohl -NIB

MAC SHADESTICKS (all NIB):  Left to Right

Gracious Me*
Gracious Me*
Sea Me*


MAC Blush Pro Palette Refills

Frankly Scarlet

$5.00 (SOLD OUT!!)

MAC Lipsticks: Left to Right
Made to Order* - NIB
Riveting Rose* - NIB
Show Orchid - NIB
Empowered* - NIB
Full Fuchsia - NIB

$5.00 SOLD OUT!

MAC Lipglass: Left to Right
Fold and Tuck*
Indigo Pink*

Monday, July 11, 2011

INGLOT Lipstick Review

I remember the first time I ever thought about purchasing any lipsticks from Inglot. I was having a conversation with another makeup artist who, had gone to NY and stopped by Inglot before heading to the airport to return home. She told me how she purchased only one color because even though she had heard good things about the company, she still wanted to try it out for herself. Turns out that she loved the lipstick so much she has since replaced all of the lipsticks in her kit with the lipstick palettes from Inglot!

It was then that I decided that I simply MUST try some of these lipsticks for myself! You know that feeling that you get when you hear someone so excited about something that it makes you want to try it as well?! lol

I searched the internet looking for some nice clear swatches of colors but found myself coming across the same shades. I finally just said forget it and purchased the shades I was interested in. Besides, if I didn't like it for myself, I could always use them in my kit.

So I purchased my lip palettes and put up the swatches.....and I was so excited about finally getting my swatches up that I forgot to tell you my thoughts on them! So here we go......

The lipsticks come in a variety of textures from cream, to frost, and i have one texture which I think looks like the baby of a frost & a lustre, with the payoff of a cream....magnificent!

As with many lipsticks this varies, depending on what and how often you eat or drink. I have noticed that when I wear these lipsticks the color goes on smooth, and silky. Not too thick, and has a nice slip to it, BUT not so much slip that I feel like it's going to slide off my lip! On an average day of wear I have yet to re-apply this lipstick, (now granted I always prep the lips with MAC Prep + Prime Lip). I find that enough of the color and product remains that I may simply just touch up my gloss, and I'm good.

As with the other Inglot products I have tried.....the color you SEE is the color you GET. No surprises here. You can sheer the color down if you would like, by adding a gloss or lip conditioner, to the product, or to your lips before application. The strong color payoff of these lip colors may be another reason why they wear so well.


I hope this information is helpful to you all. In the future I hope to swatch & provide a little more info at the same time. But if I don't please forgive me! I will get around to it. =)

 Have a great day!

Visit Inglot's website to place an order, or find a location near you! (They do phone orders!)
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