Monday, June 20, 2011

INGLOT Lip Swatches

I have been meaning to put these swatches up for a while, but because of my schedule, I could never catch the day light.... ANYWAY, this is a big one sooo let's begin!

Inglot Lipstick-

ROW 1 ( sorry about them not going in the same order, I didn't think about it until afterward BUT the numbers match up the same =) .......


 ROW 3

Inglot Lip Duo Lip Paint, Lip Gloss-

Lip gloss on one side, Lip Paint on the other, in one convenient duo/ flip package.

 From Left to Right: 23, 14, 24 ( i know the numbers are kind of small )

Lipstick swatch first, then lip gloss swatch from left to right: 23, 14, 24

Inglot Lip Paint-


  1. Thanks for posting these swatches. Most bloggers show swatches for the eyeshadows, which is fine, but for a lippie girl like myself, I was very interested in the lip colors! Also, it helps me decide on color choices since I have to shop for Inglot online!

  2. @ Lady K- Thank you so much! I will try to post more lip color swatches in the future! I am glad you found them helpful! I would love to know what colors you decide on as they have so many to choose from! Keep me posted! =) @ Jennifer- Thank You! & I hope these swatches were helpful to you as well!

  3. I'm very interested in purchasing an Inglot lip palette, and you are one of only about 3 ladies on whose blogs I've found legitimate swatches of the lipsticks! :) No one has really done a review of them, though, and I was wondering if you could comment on a few things such as:
    1. Wear time
    2. Creaminess---these all appear very creamy, but do they dry down to a more satin or matte finish or stay creamy through wear time
    3. Opacity--I see that your swatches indicate that each color is pretty opaque, but on the lips with more blended application does the opacity stay so rich?
    Thank you so much for your swatches! I put 86, 54, and 44 in my cart pending finding a review! :)

  4. You know what Sarah, I would love to do more of a review on the lipsticks! I was so excited to get the colors up that I didn't get into much detail! I will take care of that today actually! I put up my swatches because I too could not really find many clear swatches of the lipsticks. So I just went ahead and placed an order! BUT I put up my swatches in hopes that it would help someone else decide on some colors they may not have been sure about. I'm glad I did! Thank you so much!

  5. Check out my blog for more Inglot lipstick swatches! I'm in love with them!


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