Monday, August 22, 2011

Magnolia Makeup

Okay....if you haven't yet heard of this independent brand......
I heard about it, & had seen swatches of their products, BUT it wasn't until I was having lunch with my girl Devin of WeShouldMakeup, that I was able to SEE for myself! .....WOW

We were having lunch and going over the supreme Makeup Show Chicago Haulage that she and one of our other friends brought back....and then I saw them! I swatched them and as she talked to me about the product, we both began to laugh, because she knew what I was thinking...I want them ALL!

As I swatched, I also made my list and soon realized that I basically wanted all of them! These products are so pigmented, so TRUE to color, and when I say TRUE that is EXACTLY what I mean. No guess work here lovelies! NONE. ZERO. ZIP. The color you see is the color you get.


Magnolia Makeup is based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. The company was created by two sisters, (who are also makeup artists) that are trying to fill a void in the cosmetic industry for highly pigmented, high quality products for all skin tones.

As Makeup Artists the sisters grew tired of purchasing what looked like beautiful colors, only to use them and find out that they didn't show up. As result of these experiences the sisters began tweaking, and mixing colors. This sparked an idea of starting up their own makeup line and.... VOILA! (which is also the name of their translucent mattifying Magnolia Makeup was born.

This brand first caught my eye with the pigments, and lipsticks, but after making several other purchases I have come to enjoy the entire brand! Each product that I have tried has yet to disappoint, so now it matters not to me....if I see a color I even THINK I might like, I feel confident in purchasing it. What a good feeling, right?!

Like with most lines, they have seasonal & limited edition colors, so if you find a color that you are wild another one as soon as you can! This brand is becoming more and more popular by the day so don't sleep on your favs!  (New colors stay in line for 6 months)*


Given the quality of the products, the prices are excellent, and I can't even begin to give enough positive feedback about the level of customer service, and fast shipping!

There is a wide range of colors and textures to choose from here, Mattes, Shimmers, Satins, Duo Chrome finishes. BUT ALL are highly pigmented, and let me tell you- a little goes a long way, so you will have them for a long time!

Individual Pigments & Glitters retail for $10.00

This category is sure to get more attention with time. The lip products have a high color payoff. They have the look and feel of a lipstick/ lip gloss combo. They are not sticky, nor are they drying. It feels like satin on the lips. Again, a little bit goes a long way.

The one thing that may be an issue for some people is the fact that it comes in a pot, with a screw off cap, BUT that is easily solved with a lip brush- (applying your lip products with a brush gives you a longer wear on the lips anyway so it's cool). And for makeup artists, being able to remove what you need from the container is quick, easy, and sanitary too.

Lipsticks retail for: $8.00

The blushes come in loose powder form, but do not let this stop you from trying these beauties.
The spectrum ranges from soft neutral colors to bright beautiful colors!
They also have a product named GLO. This multipurpose product can be worn anywhere you want to add light or highlight to the skin. It's not glittery, but gives the skin a healthy glow...hence the name I The bronzer is a nice shade of golden brown, not red or orange, but neutral brown/ bronze. 

Blushes & Highlighters/Bronzers retail for: $14.00

These are also in loose powder form, light as air and with medium buildable coverage. I have to tell you, when I put this on I couldn't even feel it, but it melted into my skin like butter! Here is another great thing about their foundations....if you stipple it on in areas that need more coverage, it will cover and conceal too! Without looking overly done! Who doesn't want that?!

The shade I am wearing here is called Praline.

( I also have GLO lightly dusted throughout as a highlight, Eyes: Camel- highlight & Caramel (everywhere else), Desire for my eyebrows, Hang Loose Blush on my cheeks, and Tinker Lipstick on the lips. - ALL Magnolia Makeup)

Foundations retail for: $24.00

Currently some of the products are available for purchase here:
The Voluptuous Vixen
818 Chartres St.
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

To view and/or purchase the full line of products go here:

(please note that this website may not be accessible through some cell phone browsers)

(left to right, top to bottom)


Pinks/ Red

Antoinette, Celeste, Tutu, Creole Tomato, Roux, Calliope, Girly Girl

(same as above)


(ATL, Cayenne, OCS, Persimmon, Kente)

(same as above)

Yellows/ Golds

(Saffronia, Double Rice, Tart, Gold Nugget, Gilded, Rio)

(same as above)

(Chartruese Anyone?, Green Tea, Mint Julep, Garden District, Reptile)

(same as above)


(Hydrate, Colures, Mystique, Crescent, Aerial, Chlorine, Tanza, Firewater)

(same as above)


(Wisteria, Zany, Uptown, Violets are..., Kiss, Whimsical, 108)

(same as above)


(Orb, Chanel, Gambit, Just Black, Desire, Tinsel)

(same as above)


(Buff,  Puddin', Truffle, Ganache, Camel, Caramel)

(same as above)


(Haute Pink, Hang Loose, Ouch!, Caution Cone)

GLO Powder & Bronzer:

(Bronzer, GLO)

*when you apply these to your face you will use a brush, not your finger so the application will be more sheer. =) - These are just swatches so you can get an idea of the color and texture.


(Tinker (sheer cream), Lollipop (sheer frost), Vegas(cream), Vogue(cream)

 (Vogue, Vegas, Lollipop, Tinker)


  1. OMG, the swatches are so unbelieveable, my next paycheck are going to the pigments then lippies. I stil love my la femme blushes more based on color payoff and price, but I must say kudos to a sister owned company paving the way in quality!!

  2. @Lolacoco1- Thank you! Im glad you like swatches! These colors are the truth! I have La Femme blushes too and they are beautiful but these colors were so bright & loose! Other loose ones ive seen were really soft....which can be good too but......I had to try them! I would looove to know what you think when you get your piggies & lippies!

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