Friday, October 22, 2010

INGLOT Pigment & Gel Liner Swatches

I finally got around to it! Here are some swatches of the Inglot Gel liners that I have as well as the AMC Pure Pigments! I haven't seen many swatches of the pigments online, so I figured I would post my own. Both the Gel Liners and the Pigments have strong color payoff and you only need a small amount. The pigment swatches you see are on top of the Inglot Eyeshadow Base (the medium beige shade- there are 3 a light, a medium, and a dark).

Inglot AMC Gel Liners retail for: $ 12.00 US
Inglot AMC Pure Pigments retail for: $ 14.00 US

Now for the good stuff!

**Click on the images to enlarge them**

These are the liners inside the cute little container!

Last but NOT least....the pigment swatches!







With the exception of 87 (intense matte black) all the shades above range in finish from shimmer, to pearl, to glitter like.

If you would like to know how some of these colors compare to similar colors of a different brand, let me know & I will do a side by side for you! ( IF I have the color you are inquiring about  :o))



  1. WOW! These swatches are intense! Thank you so much. I wonder where I can purchase Inglot in Canada....will def look into it. =)

  2. @ Zerin- Here is a link to a listing of stores!

    Hopefully there is one near you! I really like these pigments and they give you just enough, Not TOO much! You are so welcome! Let me know how you like them if you do decide to try them!

  3. Thanks for the swatches. I love Inglot. I have 24 Pure Pigments, but only 2 of their Gel Eyeliners. I love the look of some of these. I can see my collection growing! Have fun!

  4. @KeLLsTaR - You are welcome! I totally feel you on the pigments! I love pigments anyway but these blew me away! The gel eyeliners are just as amazing! I'm glad you found the swatches helpful!

  5. I'm going to Inglot this weekend in NY and I'm too excited! Definitely want some eyeshadows and the white gel liner for a base!


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